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Take These Two Steps Before Purchasing Hearing Aids

10 essentials you need to know about hearing aids and hearing loss

Unfortunately, not every hearing professional chooses the most appropriate hearing instruments based on their patients' type and severity of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. All too often, hearing aids are not properly fitted and programmed. When this is the case, patients do not receive the maximum benefit the instruments were designed to deliver.

What is your best solution? Get educated. You should become informed about the different brands, models, latest technology and performance levels of today’s hearing aids. This will enable you to contribute more to the decision-making process. By working with your audiologist, you’ll be more likely to purchase the best hearing instruments for your hearing situation and lifestyle.

1. Learn how to choose the right hearing professional

Prior to choosing an audiologist, there are seven questions you should ask... even when you receive a friend’s recommendation! Finding the hearing professional who gives the right answers will give you the best opportunity to maximum the benefits you receive from your hearing aids. Click this link to view 7 Questions You Should Ask Hearing Professionals before You Commit to an Appointment.

2. Read "Ten Essentials You Need to Understand about Hearing Aids and Hearing Professionals"

This valuable report will inform you how to choose a competent hearing professional, what you can expect on your initial visit and how to ensure you will receive maximum benefit from the hearing aids you purchase. Whether you live in Southern California or thousands of miles from our office, reading this report is a must.

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