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Issue Main Article
newsletter #1 How do I persuade a person with hearing loss to seek help?
newsletter #2 How often should I have my hearing aids checked?
newsletter #3 Assistive listening devices
newsletter #4 Meet longtime friend and patient Ib Melchoir
newsletter #5 My practice philosophy
newsletter #6 Your hearing ability
newsletter #7 I know I need a hearing aid but what should I buy?
newsletter #8 Answers to your most commonly asked questions
newsletter #9 I don't have a hearing loss. I just can't understand people
newsletter #10 Entry and mid-level digital hearing aids
newsletter #11 Why do batteries cost more than those you can buy elsewhere?
newsletter #12 Nearly 80 % of those who could benefit from hearing aids have never worn them
newsletter #13 Realistic expectations
newsletter #14 Widex Inteo®
newsletter #15
Hearing aidism (people refusing to try hearing aids)
newsletter #16 Introducing the Phonak Savia Art®
newsletter #17 New hearing instrument provides super clear hearing and instant wireless cell phone connection
newsletter #18 Assistive listening devices
newsletter #19 You can now wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid that is nearly Invisible
newsletter #20
FM systems: Hearing better in difficult listening situations
newsletter #21 Untreated hearing loss can have emotional and health consequences
newsletter #22 Your plastic brain
newsletter #23 Sudden hearing loss needs immediate treatment
newsletter #24 The hearing in my left ear isn’t so bad. Why do I need two hearing aids?
newsletter #25 Tinnitus
newsletter #26 How often should you purchase new hearing aids?
newsletter #27 Meet the Phonak Ambra®
newsletter #28 New power products for severe/profound hearing loss
newsletter #28
Productos nuevos para pérdida de audición severa o profunda
newsletter #29 What can you do when your hearing aid stops functioning?
newsletter #30 Water-resistant hearing aids
newsletter #31 Invisible-in-the-ear hearing instruments
newsletter #32 What is the best hearing aid?
newsletter #33 Technological breakthroughs in clarity and hearing in noise
newsletter #34 Earwax, coning and ear cleaning
newsletter #35 ConnectLine, Understanding your audiogram







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