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The new Oticon Agil raises your listening experience to an entirely new level

The Oticon Agil is tiny yet powerful

Oticon continues to lead the way in breakthrough technology. Compared with previous digital models, the Agil produces fuller, richer sound quality and improves speech recognition in noisy situations. Special features soften abrupt loud noises, minimize whistling and automatically synchronize changes of programs from one hearing aid to the other. Imagine telephoning a friend, enjoying conversation in a noisy restaurant and relishing an evening at the symphony as effortlessly as your normal hearing friends. This is the performance of the Agil.

Recognizing speech in noise

People with normal hearing can focus on speakers in noisy situations and pick out their voices from the noise. Most hearing aid wearers are unable to distinguish between the speech they need to hear and the noise they don’t want to hear. To meet this challenge, Oticon engineered Agil to allow the hearing aids to constantly exchange information about speech and noise in the listening environment. By increasing the amount of speech processed in both aids, the instruments can more easily focus on the dominant speaker in background noise, thereby improving speech understanding.


The same system that exchanges information also coordinates program and volume control changes. Pressing the program or volume buttons on one instrument will conveniently and instantly change the program or volume in the other aid.

A fuller sound

Typically, hearing aid wearers do not receive the low-pitch sounds of music because their hearing instruments cannot amplify them adequately. Thus, music sounds tinny. With a wider low-frequency bandwidth, Agil brings the low-pitch musical sounds to life. Agil also expands high-frequency bandwidth, which allows the detection of the sounds necessary for localizing and understanding speech in background noise. This added fidelity results in a rich and natural sound quality.

Softening abrupt noises

Until now, loud, abrupt noises (like clanging dishes or slamming doors) have overwhelmed hearing aid wearers attempting to follow a conversation. To solve this problem, Oticon engineered a marvelous breakthrough which enables Agil to recognize and reduce those sounds in 1/1000th of a second. The sudden loud sounds are made comfortable without affecting your understanding of speech.

Minimizing whistling

Agil provides the most precise multi-directional adaptive feedback-canceling system available. This system coordinates the information about any feedback occurrence between both hearing aids. Unlike many other hearing aids, Agil’s feedback-canceling system can distinguish between musical and acoustic feedback tones, keeping music uninterrupted and feedback in control.

Moving up to the Oticon Agil is certain to enrich your listening experience.

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