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Understanding your audiogram
The basic hearing examination is a measure of the softest sounds your ears can perceive, also called the threshold of hearing. The audiogram is a graphic display of these hearing thresholds that paints a picture of your hearing ability. Read more...

When is it time to get your instruments adjusted?
If you experience sudden hearing loss, go to your nearest hospital emergency room immediately. Read more...


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if you buy the right hearing aids based on your hearing loss and lifestyle, and the instruments are properly fitted. Learn more...

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Welcome to Hearing Aid Services of Hollywood, the full-service audiology and hearing aid practice that has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for over 70 years. When you browse our website, you'll find more than 40 articles I’ve written that provide up-to-date, in-depth information about hearing loss, hearing aids and audiology. These will help you understand what it will take to resolve your hearing problem and why thousands of Southern Californians agree that Hearing Aid Services of Hollywood is the right choice. If you are shopping for hearing instruments for the first time, I recommend you review, "Take these steps before purchasing hearing aids". Then learn more by browsing the remaining articles on the site.

Jeff Grama, M.A.
Audiologist, Clinical Director

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Testimonials and Reviews

Meet Jeff Grama, our award-winning audiologist
Jeff Grama, M.A.
Audiologist, Clinical Director

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Providing a comfortable, no-pressure environment, where patient education, responding to questions, and maximizing hearing potential is our top priority
Carrying all of the top hearing aid brands, including high end, medium and budget models
Studying the capability of each new hearing aid when it becomes available
Thorough comprehension of hearing instrument software technology
Knowledge and experience in programming and fitting hearing aids
Determining the best hearing aid model for each patient based on the patient's type and severity of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget
Providing follow-up at no cost to our patients to ensure they continue to receive maximum benefit from the hearing instruments they purchased

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